Transformative Journeys Tribe Skill Day

Forest Schools Education
Course Details

The aim of Forest Schools is to create meaningful experiences that lead to positive life long impact, both for the individual, their community and for their connection with nature.  Transformative learning is the process that we use for this and during this one-day event you will explore different approaches to creating these important journeys.

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Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone beginning or already engaged in nature-based practice that seeks to develop their practice as well as their sense of purpose in understanding and connecting with nature.

You will learn

↟ Understanding different aspects of transformative learning

↟ Recognising a variety of facilitation approaches

↟ Exploring our role in the transformative process

↟ Describing the value in relation to personal growth

Using our approach of transformative learning, this course is much more than a way to learn new skills or knowledge.  Through inviting you to explore new crafts we will guide you through a meaningful experience full of reflection as well as the community learning new perspectives and insights into the opportunities for personal growth.


This course can count towards your CPD requirements. If required, you may receive a certificate upon completion.


Birches Valley Forestry Commission
Rugeley, Cannock Chase
Staffordshire, WS15 2UQ