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    Nurturing Communities Tribe Skill Day - 28th June

    During our day together, we will explore different approaches that focus on communities as well as how each individual can be empowered through them.  The most meaningful communities have impacts...

    Tracking Tribe Skill Day

    In reading the details of a landscape we not only learn about who we share the land with but challenge ourselves to change the way we think about it.  Our...

    Woodcraft Tribe Skill Day

    Our one-day woodcraft course will introduce you to a new way of looking at natural materials.  Through exploring the qualities and characteristics of different species we will explore a variety...

    Ecological Identity Tribe Skill Day

    Our experience of nature can be both an informative as well as transformative experience. Through this day we will explore the role of nature in personal growth, how the seasons...

    Understanding Experiences Tribe Skill Day

    During this day we will focus on developing our reviewing and reflective practice, looking at each area and recognising how they underpin Forest Schools practice towards the development of character...

    Transformative Journeys Tribe Skill Day

    The aim of Forest Schools is to create meaningful experiences that lead to positive life long impact, both for the individual, their community and for their connection with nature.  Transformative...

    Green Woodworking Tribe Skill Day

    Producing furniture and utensils from wood is an old and respected skill.  Through reading the material and applying an appropriate skill we can turn our hand to crafting beautiful artifacts...

    Thinking Ecologically Tribe Skill Day

    The way in which we view the world dictates the ways in which we will try to influence it for the better.  In taking an ecological approach we are able...

    Storytelling Tribe Skill Day

    Stories can describe what was, what is as well as what might be.  We can learn through the reflections available to us through narrative.  During this course you will explore...

    Foraging Tribe Skill Day

    We always change our connection with the world when new opportunities arise.  Through realising how we are able to explore the flavours and textures offered by woodland flora it may...

    Fire By Friction Tribe Skill Day

    Carrying fire within you changes how you move through nature.  Knowing that you have the character and knowledge to find the materials and summon fire is as liberating as it...

    Campfire Cooking Tribe Skill Day

    Food nourishes our body as well as our mind.  It can form the heart of a community and it can influence how we relate to one another.  During this day...

    Axe Work Tribe Skill Day

    Our one-day axe course will introduce you to a new way of exploring the natural world and its materials.  We will take time to understand the tool, our responsibilities and...