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About Forest
Schools Education

Sarah Blackwell founded Forest Schools Education in 2001 after discovering the incredible benefits of a long-term, learner lead education system. During the last decade, we have successfully taken our unique approach to using natural spaces and applied it to not only forest, woodland and parkland, but the shoreline with Beach Schools and the Australian and New Zealand landscape with Bush Schools.

There has also been foundational courses developed to meet the needs of some of those so passionate about the value of children's education being able to quickly access outdoor learning with Outdoors And Up For It! and Certificate of Outdoor Learning.

The team is made up of people for whom nature has been a central element of their life and have been countryside rangers, outdoor centre managers, expedition guides, freelance instructors and have experience in a depth and breadth of experience in working with all age groups in the outdoors, for personal, social and emotional development.

The Forest Schools Education training team has delivered all across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. They have supported teachers, outdoor instructors, community leaders and facilitators in their Forest Schools journey.

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