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International Training 

International Forest School Training

 Forest School International Training
Forest Schools happens all over the world. We have been privileged enough to have trained people from such a wide range of communities and cultures, both in them traveling to us and in us creating a training programme delivered in their country, specific to the human and natural community in which they live.

We create both organisational and open courses, meaning that we can work with a particular group of professionals, or a collection from a number of organisations, as well as freelancers and individuals who are pioneering the introduction of Forest Schools in their area. More than anything we want to see Forest Schools grow and take on the character and express the needs and hopes of your place and people.

If you would like us to come to your country and run a Forest School training course then we want to hear from you! We offer Forest School Leader Training for a total of 9 days split over two training weeks.

With ongoing support throughout and a vibrant practitioner community to become a part of. The first is the initial training week where the learner will get a good understanding of the Forest School model, as well as becoming confident in practical skills, safety and planning. The second week will be held after 6 months and can be considered as an assessment week with extra learning. We will introduce new skills and revisit and perfect existing ones.

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