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Lantau, Hong Kong 2023 - Forest Schools Level 3 Training

It's easy to forget that we're in Hong Kong, a country we very often associate with towering skyscrapers, blinding lights, and the endless march of city life through the packed, concrete streets. But our home for the next 5 days feels like another world completely.

We reach our base after a 30-minute walk up a winding, vehicle-free path from the small town of Mui Wo, Lantau. Ark Eden is nestled in a small hideaway sitting on either side of a valley with a gentle stream running down into the jungle far below.

Here we greet our learners and future Forest School leaders! 

Forest Schools Training at Ark Eden, Hong Kong


The popularity and adoption of the Forest Schools Ethos has exploded in Asia in recent years, with Hong Kong being one of the places with the highest demand for nature-based and holistic learning approaches.

Forest Schools Hong Kong Training - Ark Eden


Sarah Blackwell, founder of Forest Schools Education, spent 5 days covering all areas of Forest Schools from the fundamentals to advance theory, tool use, risk assessments, flora & fauna, essential knots, cooking, and more!

Forest Schools International Training in Asia

We'll be back next year for assessment and to welcome a new group to the world of Forest Schools.

If you would like to join an international course then please see our International Forest Schools Training page for dates.