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Forest Schools INSET & CPD Days

Forest Schools Education offer a range of INSET and CPD days ranging from Forest Schools taster days to practical outdoor skills for your school or team.

Forest Schools Taster Days

This training day will give all staff an insight into the background and activities involved in Forest Schools.

You will be introduced to the ethos of Forest Schools through different media. This will include practical activities, demonstrations, reflective processes and experimentation.

This is a particularly good Inset to consider if you are thinking about sending people on the Forest Level 3 Practitioner training in the future as it can build a good understanding with, not only the participants of the training, but the entire school.

£1290 – Up to 24 people
£2298 – Up to 48 people

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Outdoors And Up For It Activity Days

This course is highly practical, enabling participants to quickly learn a wide range of outdoor activities to use with children whilst utilising natural resources.

Each participant will also receive a “recipe book” of all the activities learned on the day that contains all the instructions, outcomes and resources needed to run these activities. This will be an invaluable reminder to staff when it's time to go outdoors again or try something different with the children.

This a particularly good Inset to consider if you are wanting general ideas for outdoor activities and how to use your available outdoor space.

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£1500 – Up to 24 people
£2670 – Up to 48 people

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Bespoke Tailor-Made Sessions

If you would like us to cover some very specific areas, then we will be more than happy to discuss our range of skills and expertise with you, so you can get exactly what you want from your Inset Day.

Within these days we can cover:

  • Accelerated Learning in Children
  • Working with Autism Spectrum Disorder Outdoors
  • How Children Learn
  • Schema Training Day
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Risk Assessments to Enable Safe Outdoor Play & Education
  • Fun & Educational Activities in the Outdoors
  • Pirate Day
  • Multi-Intelligence & People Smarts

 We can also provide team building days using the outdoors to help build a stronger, more focussed staff team. Step out of the office and into the great outdoors to give your staff a new perspective on the way they work. A team building day outdoors is often an unforgettable experience and is a great alternative to team building inside a classroom.

You are not limited to one of the above themes, they are just suggestions. If you opt for a bespoke Inset Day, then we would tailor your chosen theme to suit you exact requirements and you would agree a brief with a member of our training team beforehand.

£1500 – Up to 24 people
£2670 – Up to 48 people

INSET Booking Page

Forest Schools Level 1 Training

As an alternative to an Inset Day, we could run a one day Forest Schools Level 1 course at your setting for 10 – 30 people. The Level 1 training is a great introduction to Forest Schools and the ethos, and each attendee would complete a short portfolio throughout the day and would receive the Level 1 Forest Schools Basic Forest Schools Skills Award.

We would need classroom space large enough to accommodate the group for presentations and also some green space for practical demonstrations, ideally with access to some natural resources, such as pieces of wood (although we could bring some of those if that’s not possible).

The Level 1 course would be one day at a cost of £197.00 per person, which would also include access to all the online materials, portfolio, marking, moderation and certification with the Awarding Body.

Our usual times for an Inset Day are 9.30am to 3.30pm, with a break for lunch, but this can be changed upon request. All of the information and pricing is based on a full day from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

Please contact us through email.

International INSET & CPD Days

If your international setting would like a training day then we're happy to book in around any international training course.

To book an international training day, please contact Jane: